Christine’s nature

Wellbeing in nature

Wellness in the Sonnberghof is a totality of wellness treatments in the Vitalalm, Christine`s nature, the National Park landscape, the hotels organic farm, eating with enjoyment, living with natural materials, wood from the region, pine, larch and spruce produced by the local carpenters. Colors, scents, herbs, images, materials and visions of relaxation in nature.

Goodness by nature – handmade by Christine

Herbs, soaps, oils, jams, liqueurs, spices, vibration, ancient knowledge, modern handwork… exclusively produced for you at the Sonnberghof. Christine Riedlsberger has learnt and experienced a lot of old farming techniques from her grandmother, and furthered her knowledge herself. She is health farmer, and TEH practitioner (traditional European medicine and internships). The knowledge of TEH was recognized and protected by UNISCO. The most important thing is her interest in relaxation, tranquility, health and nutrition.

Goodness from nature

Eden was a harmonious garden filled with wonderful beauty and tranquility. People back then lived in perfect bliss. That desire remains present today. Paradise - a term that originates from Persian meaning garden - also includes the dream of harmony and a happy life.