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Homemade dandelion syrup

It's that time again. The dandelion blooms in abundance.

Of course, our hard-working girls are out and about in the meadows picking dandelion blossoms.


Are you wondering what we need the flowers for?

Of course we use it to make our dandelion honey and also dandelion juice,
which you should drink more in spring to purify but the yellow flowers
belong to the sunflowers and these bring light and joy.

Not that you think it tastes bitter and more healthy than good, far from it.
Just try it yourself:

Dandelion Blossom Syrup:

* 365 beautifully blooming dandelion flowers
(one for each day of the year)
* 3 oranges and 2 organic lemons untreated
* 1.5L of water
* 1 kg of sugar

The dandelion flowers are poured over with derm boiling water. Leave to stand for 2-3 hours and then pour through a sieve into a saucepan. Squeeze out the remaining flowers well. The tea is then boiled for 20 minutes with the juice of the citrus fruits, the sugar and the water. The still warm dandelion syrup is filled into clean bottles and kept tightly closed and protected from light. A blossoming sprig of thyme can be added to each bottle to round off the taste. The dandelion syrup is drunk primarily in spring and during the cold season, with warm water or soda poured over it. Also tastes very good as a dandelion Hugo ;-)

Good succeed!