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nature as a stage

Be active in the

Hohe Tauern National Park

  • Skifahrer auf den verschneiten Pisten der Kitzbüheler Alpen
  • Gruppe von Radfahrern genießt die Aussicht im Nationalpark Hohe Tauern
nature as a stage

Your perfect base camp for sports, fun and games

Our specialty:

nature, nature, nature

Not to be overheard: meadows, forests, mountains - they all call. In spring, summer, autumn and winter. out, out!

Wanderer blickt auf majestätische Berglandschaft des Nationalparks Hohe Tauern

We have paths for everyone: ambitious mountain paths, exciting via ferratas, leisurely hut tours, glacier tours. Lined with blueberry bushes, through alpine meadows, over a yoke, straight to the summit. Or a lap through the forest.

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Everything you need: for gentle activities and fast-paced adventures. For daredevils and those seeking peace and quiet.