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Massage & Cosmetics

Places of rest

in the Sonnberghof


"Sink into the Moment"

Eyes closed: Gently float away when leisure and sleep dissolve into one another and thoughts go on a journey. The resting places in the wellness hotel Sonnberghof-Spaare places of being with oneself and create a secure framework for mental adventures.

Relaxation rooms with a view of nature, one of which is adults only, relaxation areas, niches, loungers, islands of tranquility - there are many places of tranquility in the Sonnberghof spa and around the pool and biotope.

Eyes open: looking, meditating on the mountains, absorbing nature, grounding yourself and finding yourself again.
Massage & Cosmetics

Let go

Massages & Beauty

Gentle hands relieve tension, aromatic baths loosen muscles, expert treatments provide relief.