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How to reach us & how to get to us

**** Landhotel Gut SonnberghofRiedlsberger family

Laemmerbichl 8 5730 Mittersill

+43 (0)6562 8311

Your arrival by car

Coming from the North and West (Germany, Innsbruck)

Motorway exit Kufstein Süd (Please note that since December 1, 2013 in Austria vignettes are mandatory on all motorways and expressways without exception. The Kiefersfelden section to the Kufstein exit has been toll-free since November 11, 2019!), direction St. Johann/Tyrol, Kitzbühel, direction Felbertauern, Mittersill junction.

Coming from the south (Italy, Klagenfurt).

Autobahn exit Bischofshofen, direction Zell am See, direction Krimml, junction Mittersill

Coming from the east (Vienna, Salzburg).

1st country road: Motorway exit Lofer, continue towards Lofer, Zell am See, towards Krimml, junction Mittersill 2nd motorway: towards Villach, exit Bischofshofen, towards Zell am See, continue towards Mittersill

Arrival to the house

On the main road towards Krimml between Mittersill (after the village of Mittersill) and Hollersbach (before the village of Hollersbach) you will find the Sonnberghof junction. Then about 2 km with good signage in the direction of Sonnberghof.

Arrive well with us.

Do you have any questions about your arrival?

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Please note that vignettes are mandatory in Austria on all motorways and expressways. The Kiefersfelden section to the Kufstein exit is toll-free.