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June - the herb month

Summer Solstice (June 21) and Midsummer Day (June 24)

The sun unfolds its greatest power at this time. We feel stimulated, revitalized and full of energy.

At the zenith of the sun's radiance, the solar arc is intersected. From now on the days will be shorter again.

The culmination of the reign of light is at the same time the beginning of its decline.
Litha, the peak of light, in the truest sense of the word a high time of all things.

Best collection time for wild herbs:
Johanni also plays an important role in herbalism. Traditionally, herbalists used to collect medicinal plants for the medicine chest here. Most herbs are about to flower and have enormous healing powers - so it's not a bad time! Elderberry and nettle are said to have a special effect on St. John's Day, which is why elderberry cake and nettle pancakes were particularly popular on St. John's Day.
Arnica and St. John's wort are also one of these magical herbs that bloom around St. John's.

So-called "St. John's bouquets" or "St. John's wreaths" were also tied, which usually consisted of seven to nine herbs. These should bring luck and protect the house.

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