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Sonnberghof Blog
Environmental Prize Salzburg

We have already invested around 360,000 euros in environmentally relevant investments in our hotel. With the support of Umwelt Service Salzburg and its experts, we were able to expand our family business in a particularly energy-efficient manner.

environmental measures


Thermal renovation, energy-efficient extension (approx. 1000 m2 GFA more)
Changeover from heating oil to biomass and solar thermal
Ventilation with heat recovery


Austrian eco-label for tourism companies
Installation of flow limiter in room
Own organic farming (hotel, apartment house, wellness palace, farming)
Use only regional products

Results/ environmental impact/savings

Extra light heating oil 31,500 l/a
Drinking water 175 m3/a
Biomass 17,160 kWh/a


Solar thermal 37,500 kWh/a
Biomass 277,500 kWh/a
Electricity 70,490 kWh/a

Environmentally relevant investment costs around EUR 356,000