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wine knowledge

Our sommeliers and our service team use their wide range of expertise to always recommend our guests the optimal wine accompaniment, suitable for their menu and personal taste. Or a very special drop just like that, out of pure enjoyment and joie de vivre.

For this reason, we hold regular product training courses for our employees in-house. Only those who know their product and have tried it themselves can vividly describe the many facets of taste of the different wines for the guest.

Most recently, Alexis Hauk was in our house to talk to our team about the new wines on our wine list, about wine aeration, glass selection and of course to whom it is best to recommend which wine. Of course, not everyone has the same preferences.

Together as a team, the different taste facets of the individual wines were discussed. From citrus and stone fruit notes to buttery and creamy or a subtle bitterness in the finish, there was a lot to be tasted. It was also demonstrated how important it is to have the right glass for every wine. Our team discovered that one and the same wine from different glasses can develop or retain completely different flavors and aromas or intensities.